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    Update 50

    Plot Like Objects:
    [Barlin's Caravan]

    After Witless the horse had his leg mauled in a bear trap, Barlin gave him one of the caravan's two restoration potions to heal the horse's leg. Of course it was an ambush. She's now trying to negotiate with the bandits for safe passage, but fears it will come to fighting.

    [Ezra's Caravan]

    A slave caravan is far from the Nexus, but moving in that direction. Ezra the Centaur captures and breaks the slaves, while Purna the dark elf priestess seems to contribute nothing to the caravan. In actual fact, she's the reason the caravan has never run into serious trouble over the years, as she has trained her slave boy to use powerful drugs to enhance his natural ability as a seer. He leads the caravan to easily captured slaves, and away from trouble.

    However, unknown to everyone, the boy has formed a powerful friendship with a captured fae girl. The fae takes poorly to captivity, resorting to furious rage and defiance at all times. The grass he brings her enables her to heal her wounds, ease the pain of her cold iron collar, and maintain her connection to the earth. Without it, she'd have probably slipped into catatonia and then death.

    The seer boy lies about one of his visions and directs the caravan to head towards the Nexus, knowing that they are opposed to slavery, and hoping for a chance at freedom for the fae girl.



    New character: An astrologer who was out observing the lunar eclipse / winter solstice. She believes that the blood red moon may be a sign that vampires have a new source of strength as the days grow longer.

    [Charity Evans]

    At Pack, Charity ran into Alex, who was searching for Garrett and Sinosure. After trying to resolve the situation peacefully, other people started a fight. She agreed to meet with Alex later and gave Jamie and Adele detention.

    That's when she noticed that Garrett was missing and put the school on lockdown.

    She met Alex at Trog's and privately determined he was a complete nutcase. She said she would give Garrett a message from him, but has no intention of doing so. She had a panic attack triggered by a gun fired at Trog's, and then being confronted by Gordon, and Alex defended her and helped her calm down. And accidentally revealed to her that he was a vampire.

    Eventually Charity went to the ladies room and portaled away without saying goodbye. After debating within herself whether to conceal the incident from Edijar, she finally decided to do the right thing and tell him.

    In general, aside from that bad night in Trog's, has been doing a lot better mentally and is cutting back on the drinking.

    [Darcy Turtle Brightember]

    Is at GLoG with Nancy and Zanny.

    [Decker the Catgirl]

    Hanging around Watchtower

    [Elias Larmette]

    Still trying to rescue Hekta, and freaking out.

    [Dr Ferris Fitzhenry]

    Undeadtimed in Trog's, unaware that his player signed him up to be the target in a corruption wager between a demon and a devil.


    Has improved her control over centipedes, to the point of being able to use them as spies, and taking a large one as a familiar. Shut up, clerics can too have familiars! This is freeform! After an argument with Din, a priestess of Angela, Lauretta discovered Din was an escaped slave and is plotting to have her recaptured.

    Also acquires a new text color when I realize I have too many people speaking in blue.


    Stole power from MagMart, Magbots, MagBrains, and every unsecured computer in the Nexus in order to prevent Magtok's memories of Aryssia from being erased when she died and her reality and existence was removed from time.

    I never realized Mainframe was that powerful.

    [Moff 4]

    Finally rescued Jack. Well, okay, Ar did most of the work, but good luck getting Moff to admit that.

    [Moff 13]

    Made a deal with Dalev to do a mission for him in exchange for John Lennon's soul. After expressing skepticism, he got the payment in advance, then went to put it in AMEN for safekeeping. Of course, Moff Prime stole it from him and kicked him into a pit in the Yellow Road.

    After falling for centuries, the now thoroughly insane Thirteen popped out of a portal next to Dalev. "It was so long ago. I remember agreeing to go into your service for... something. Then Prime stole the payment and threw me into a pit of mystery. I don't know how many centuries I fell, Master. But I remember it was you - you were the only one who was fair to me." Thirteen croaks. Dalev of course was delighted to have a new minion.

    [Aunt Riley]

    The not-entirely-sane vampiress moved into Vampire Manor and learned things were not well with Gabriel.

    [Sunny Evans]

    Got some nanites from Shawna to help Edijar. But is otherwise offscreen.


    The stress of trying to be quasi-monogamous has taken its toll on Tia. After an eager young vampire, attracted by her aura, was coldly murdered by Ramiro for disrespect, Tia fled to Kundalin. Her first instinct was to leave Gabriel completely, but she couldn't bring herself to do it, and she left a note promising to return.


    Gave Garrett holy water, a blessed knife, and a protective blessing as he set out to get vengeance on the vampire who killed his sister.

    [Willow Warwick]
    Hired NOIR to find a cure for her dad, who no longer believes in anything supernatural thanks to Stroffelnburg. Retconned out due to lack of player interest. Ret-retconned back in because of revived player interest.


    Had hallucinations of Jack while he was away, and engaged in self-harming behaviour, but Jack has now returned.

    Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

    Character list:

    Charity Evans
    Dag Ingasson
    Darcy Turtle Brightember
    Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
    Decker the Catgirl
    Elias Larmette
    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
    George Shackleton
    Hannah Snow
    Moff Four
    Moff Thirteen
    Molly Fitzhenry
    Ostari Elves
    Peter Raven
    Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
    Sunny Evans
    The Trickster
    Vasilisa and family
    Winslow Warwick and family

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    Nite of Salvation: part one, part two
    Update 48
    Update 49
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