The Storytellers - A semi-secret organisation of storytellers, spymasters and librarians.
Black Bertha & The Beancounters - The scurviest accountants to scour the seven seas!
The Arcane Artisan - Adding that little magical edge to your craftsmanship; a prestige class based around item creation.
The Southsmith - Souls turn out to work quite well in place of gp requirements for magic items.
The Scentwright - You can fool a werewolf's nose, actually.


Favour Bargain - "I don't want much. Just a favour, to be repaid when I ask."
Obtain Soul - With this contract, the devil really is in the details.
Dwarven Mushroom Farming - Finally answering how those stunted miners actually survive in their underground cities.


Book of Many Crafts - A bonus to all Craft, Profession and Skill checks.
Boffle's Baffles - Cheap, low-level and oft disposable items suitable for any adventurer, budding or experienced!


The Loamsmithed - An incredibly cheap construct, designed to plough fields when there just isn't enough labour for the job.
The Child - All he wants is to love you. Regardless of the consequences.