Brandon Bor

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Jeanne presses up against the tunnel. "Like a cat cornering a mouse. Will we play with it or just kill it?"
Brandon muttered over his shoulder to Jeanne, "Are you sure he's the mouse? He doesn't look scared at all of us."

Brandon sounded nervous.

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Brandon and Nathros stand side by side, blocking the width of the tunnel. Behind them stands Stefan, Petrillia, Jeanne, Sid, and trailing well behind, Creeper.

Brandon's swipe misses the kobold leader who turns and throws a rock in their direction. His throw catches Brandon on the sword arm and he barks triumphantly. "Go away!"


PCs turn, though obviously your movement is limited.
Brandon paused. He looked confused. Instead of continuing to attack, he withdrew a step, drawing in a breath that made his deep chest expand in its armored carapace before he yelled.

"You! Stop that! You're gonna make the cave crash down on us!"

He does not stop Nathros from attacking; he just seems temporarily unwilling to himself attack.