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    Petrillia Ilyanov

    Petrillia follows Jeanne's lead and tries to press herself back further against the wall as Stefan shuffles back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanne View Post
    "Like a cat cornering a mouse. Will we play with it or just kill it?"
    Sparing a glance back to see how far away Creeper is, Petrillia whispers, "Aren't you at least a little interested in what it's trying to-"

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon
    "You! Stop that! You're gonna make the cave crash down on us!"
    Petrilla stopped short and looked around wide-eyed at the tunnel walls and ceiling. No no no fresh air daylight don't trap me down here again please please. Unconciously, she held her breath and waited for the inevitable collapse - of the tunnel or her emotional state, she couldn't say.
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