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    Default Re: Screw magic, We have Science! It works, bitches![3.5][base class][PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuma Kode View Post
    Nitpick: Frankenstein was a human.

    Flesh golems were inspired by his monster, but his monster is not a flesh golem. A flesh golem is a perfectly valid means to replicate the classic Frankenstein's monster in D&D, but the two are functionally different.

    Flesh golems are animated by an elemental spirit through rituals and carry a magic immunity.

    Frankenstein's monster was animated through electric shock (believed at some points to be the essence of life) with abuse of science, and shows no indication of being immune to magic.

    The only thing they really share is that they're made of multiple dead bodies. There are many undead that are essentially the same thing. It's the animating force that matters. Undead if it's negative energy, construct (golem) if it's elemental, construct (robot) if it's mechanical/no-magic electrical.
    Nitpick: Minor fluff does not override the rule of example.

    If there are rules for it, use them.

    TBH I find almost every PrC array is like a fashion show, the costumes are pretty and flavorful and pretty nice designs, but their actual application is almost always actually meant to be an example, as fashion shows that: "Hey, dress type color X works with top pattern Y, that's inspirational!" and then all the shops that spring will seem to follow a trend showing these new found working combinations.

    As such, most PrC's CAN be replicated with base classes, and usually are.
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