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    Default Base Class Challenge IV - Tipping the Scale

    Tipping the Scale

    Welcome back to the base class challenge contest! Lord_Gareth, the previous leader of this endeavor, is having some time issues right now, and has given me permission to continue this great thing we have going here. Let's have fun creating some breathtaking base classes! The rules are below, as always. Make an original D&D 3.5 base class and fight for the right to keep your kneecaps!

    1. You will be creating an original base class. This class must have a theme revolving around balance; acrobats, worshipers of all deities, accountants, and justicars (scales of justice) are all possibilities. There are no other restrictions other than that you cannot have posted your entry anywhere else before. Aside from that, anything goes--psionics, martial maneuvers, spellcasting, whatever. Go crazy; new mechanics, new feats, new items, and everything else you can think of are fair game!

    2. Submissions are due by February 21st, and should be submitted in the format shown in the next post. Feel free to play around with fonts, images, and the like, but the overall format should be somewhat similar. Mostly, just make it easy on the eyes.

    3. There must be a name, complete class, and fluff for both combat and role playing purposes. Incomplete entries will be disqualified--no exceptions.

    4. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

    The chat thread is here. Feel free to discuss each other's creations, give critique, or talk about what you're thinking of this contest, but entries belong in this challenge thread.


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    Please feel free to PM me any thoughts on my homebrew (or comment in the thread if it's not too old).