Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

Having mostly hopped up and down and switched back and forth between his sword and bow, during the fight, Sid nodded eagerly, then turned to lay an arm on Creeper's shoulder. "Did you see that, buddy? No more worrying about the boss, for you! So, did ya happen to catch wind of what he was digging for?" He rolled his eyes exaggeratedly, then leaned in to whisper, "These guys'll just say that he was digging an escape tunnel, but, naw, your boss was probably out for some hidden treasure, right? That's been lost for ages, yeah? Splitting that just between the two of us is a much better deal than whatever this guy would have given you!"

OOC --->
HP: 4 AC: 6 Spells in effect: Nope. Thac0: 19

Detect Deception ---> (1d20)[17] And Sid probably doesn't really believe what he's saying. He's just talking words casually, hoping that Creeper will do the same.