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    Default Re: Conquering the Fantasy Kitchen Sink - Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo!

    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Final Battle (Part 1)

    Reimu: This is all that's left! You're going to pay in full for unlawfully occupying my house!

    Shinki: Ahh, so the barrier has fallen...You all certainly did well dealing with the others. So, do you remember me now, Reimu and Marisa?

    ......Hmph, who cares about that?

    Marisa: Uh, uhh...Ehehehe...Ah, no, gotta hold it together...I ain't gonna be fazed by the likes of you!

    I didn't do anything to you in the first place! Anyway, this time, I will be your opponent. Now come, visit my nostalgic world!

    BGM: Legendary Myth ~ Infinite Being ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

    Shinki raised her hand, and a large distortion in space appeared behind the girls. The distortion grew larger and larger, until it enveloped the entire area around them and changed their world entirely.

    W-What the...?

    Ehehe, as the goddess of the place, I welcome you to Makai.

    Hmph, powering yourself up by fighting in your home ground, huh? Fine, I'll just have to utterly defeat you then! This will finish everything!

    You sure can talk for a human. I'll have to teach you just what the goddess of Makai is capable of!

    Leaping directly into the final series of battles, Shinki comes at us with Yumeko, Chibi-Alice, and any two of their other allies. Everyone else is just as strong as they were back when they were guarding their own territories, but Shinki is a new beast altogether. Boasting solid (at least a 7 or better) stats in every category, she's got no real weaknesses to exploit. What stat deficiencies the rest of her allies have are made up for by the fact that they all support each other in handing out affinity buffs.

    My strategy for this fight is typically to have Suika go nuts with Pandemonium early and often. After maxing out her MEL stat normally, she can go up to 12 MEL with a Power Bracer equipped, then any additional bonuses that come from fielding her alongside Yukari. Pandemonium helps get around the fact that the squishier enemies (mostly Mai and Little Alice) almost never start at Close range, making them very hard to hit. They take only 200-300 damage from my best ranged attacks, but a single Pandemonium hit can nail them for 400-500 damage easily. Ideally, I try to get three uses out of Pandemonium per battle, hopefully for 3-4 hits each time.

    In order to win here, a lot of things have go to right. I have to start with good positions (i.e. Yumeko isn't at Close range to my mages), avoid getting stunned by Shinki's Bind Bullet special, hope that Mirror Doll and Cross Shot don't trigger often, and pray that Pandemonium hits the correct targets the correct number of times. Unfortunately, I start this fight with only 20% on the battle guage, which means I need an overwhelming victory for it to even register as a win towards making progress on the territory.


    Reimu: Now, there's no more defensive barriers to protect you! This is definitely the final battle! Prepare yourself!

    Shinki: ...It took you long enough, I was getting extremely bored. So you still haven't remembered who I am?

    ...That doesn't matter. If I have to remember you, that means it was in the past. And to always look forward is one of my principles.

    ...Words befitting of one who holds the future. Those who do not are left to have their names etched into the annals of time...And to make sure you don't forget me again, I'll etch my name into your memory through this battle!


    BGM: Legendary Myth ~ Infinite Being ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

    And here's an example of where even if one thing goes wrong, the entire operation could collapse. On this next battle, Yumeko started at Close range to Marisa, which means Marisa lost nearly 2/3rds of her total health right off the bat, followed shortly by a KO.

    Suika exceeded all expectations here, contributing over 50% of all the damage dealt in the battle. However, losing Marisa that early was a huge blow, and one that I could never quite recover from. Our battle counter hits 0 when we were at just 47% on the battle guage, with Shinki at a meager 30 HP left and Yumeko not far behind in health. Still, that was enough to deliver us a loss.

    I actually went ahead and leveled up more than 5 characters, since I can't really decide between the ones you guys suggested (plus it'd be interesting to mix it up a little). I see little need to list territories and stuff from now on. Suffice to say that we have enough Ouki to last a while.

    (For those who care, we're now on Day 101. But it's boring to note level grinding, so...)
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