Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Final Battle (Part 2)

Marisa: ...To be honest, I really didn't want to face ya.

Shinki: My, does that mean you remember me?

Nah, not quite...It's the opposite actually. When I look at y'all, a reaaaally bad memory seems to want to awaken inside me.

Hmm...I guess that must be bad, huh? Speaking of which, you've changed a bit.In the old days, you used to be like, you know...

Uwahhhhhhh! Stooooooop!!

W-what's the fuss!? You really were cute back then.

Don't say another word! I'll shoot if you do! I'll even shoot if you don't!

It seems to be quite traumatic for you...Hehe, in that case, I'll make sure that sensation inside you fully awakens in this battle!


BGM: Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

Here is a battle that didn't go as planned, yet still turned out for the best. In some cases, luck is the best weapon on your side.

Yumeko and Louise score early hits on Suika before she gets a turn for Pandemonium, thus making it no longer worth the bulky 12 counter cost. However, Shinki spends her turns spamming Bind Bullet, which eats away quickly at their own team's battle counter. As luck would have it, it ends up stunning Suika and Mokou for the entire match, which was fine as they both took serious damage and could contribute little offense anyway. By skipping their turns, we actually managed to save on our own battle counter.

By the time the Makai residents ran out on their battle counter, our group still had about 18 left to go. This gave us lots of uninterrupted shots on our opponents, which allowed us to score some easy KO's to sneak in a sound victory at the end.


Shinki: Ehh, you're...?

Alice: ...!

...No, it couldn't be. But strange things do happen. I know someone who possesses a spirit just like you.

Funnily enough, I was thinking something similar.

My children from Makai I created...And the dwellers of the new Gensokyo...I'm sure this was just one of the many possibilities.

...I am myself. Nothing more, nothing less. That's all there is to it.

You're strong. If that girl possessed your strength too...Anyway, let's begin. Show me the future you hold in your hands!


BGM: Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

And this is a fight that goes by the book. Pandemonium on Mai and Young Alice, ranged attacks on Yumeko and Yuki, and saving Shinki for last (dodging a potentially nasty Bind Bullet in the process).

Keeping Yumeko, Chibi Alice, Yuki, and Mai alive with mere slivers of health, we're able to run down Makai's battle counter until the very end, giving us the points for their demise while minimizing the number of turns that Shinki gets. This lucky execution of strategy grants us the largest margin of victory yet.

(Hey, I consider 72 to be a lot against this bunch.)

I'm busy tomorrow night, so expect the exciting conclusion on Tuesday! Yay!