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Thread: The Agent: An OOTS-Style Sci-Fi Webcomic

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    Hum, I'm sorry but there's something that just doesn't work for me here.
    A gunfight is something that I'd normaly associate with something of an action sequence, but this just look pretty, well, dull.
    (As well as somewhat harshing my suspension of disbielief a little; so . Even if all his oponenent graduated with fflying colors from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy, he should have looked like he was at least trying to doge a little or just move out of the way a bit.)

    While I understand that having your character standing straight in the middle of incoming gunfire is pretty badass, unless there's a very good reason (maybe he's got a bullet deflecting shield we don't see or something like that, but then i'd recomend giving a little hint in the drawing like showing one of the bullet trafectory bending slightly) or something really character defining in that stance, may I suggest you try using more different poses or maybe shifitng angles and foccuss a little more, in order to make future action sequences somewhat more dynamic ?

    edit: Ah okay, then it make sense, my bad.
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