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Hum, I'm sorry but there's something that just doesn't work here.
A gunfight is something that I'd normaly associate with something of an action sequence, but this just look pretty, well, dull.
(As well as somewhat harshing my suspension of disbielief a little. Even if all his oponenent graduated with fflying colors from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy, he should have looked like he was at least trying to doge a little or just move a bit.)

While I understand that having your character standing straight in the middle of incoming gunfire is pretty badass, unless there's a very good reason or something really character defining in that, may I suggest you try using more different poses and angle in order to make future action sequences somewhat more dynamic ?
Believe me, I know all about the Imperial Stormtrooper Marskmanship Academy (I could probably be called a TvTropes addict, in fact), and pretty soon in the comic you'll find that it's justified.
And the dullness is... kind of justified. The scene is playing out from the emotional perspective of the silhouette-that-I-am-telling-you-is-the-main-character.