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    Default Re: [BitP:R] BleachITP Reborn OOC Thread 14: Getsuga Tenshou

    Quote Originally Posted by KnightDisciple View Post
    I still prefer Tonics and Philters over Weaponized Garganta (weaponized meaning they're turned into an ability usable in the midst of combat).

    Maybe it's just bad memories of Von Geister in the last game so easily going "can't touch me 'cause of that Garganta that absorbed your blast".

    Anyways, as to the Ichigo discussion:
    Kuroi's right. Black hole in place of normal romantic understanding. Not just feelings; he can't even pick up on such things for others. It's blindingly obvious Orihime has a huge thing for him still.

    What does she need to do? Be sitting on his bed ready, willing, and able to go (clothing optional)? Grab him and kiss him in public? Heaven only knows.
    That might not be enough.

    Need I remind you that this is the guy who sat in an open air bath with a birthday suit Yoruichi and got so flustered he couldn't talk straight? If Orihime grabbed and kissed him in public he might have a Heroic BSOD.

    EDIT: Seriously, and I always thought I was romantically dense.
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    This one's new.

    I met a girl with a really pensive look. I walk up to her, put a fifty cent coin in her hand, "For your thoughts. I know the going rate is supposed to be one, but I figure you play hardball."

    She gave it back, "Keep it. Pretty sure a guy with your charm can find a way to have them for free anyway."