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I can't speak for the Erudite feats, because my familiarity with psionics is lackluster.

Prayer Mastery and Elemental Spell Mastery seem like useful additions for the Archivist and Wu Jen. I profess, though, that I don't think many people are going to use it, given that I haven't seen it used often except as a prerequisite for something else. Might just be me, though.

Master Scriber seems like a standard feat. Nothing wrong with it.

I have to agree with Joshua Z about Master Archivist, though. That feat can get overpowered easily. I think taking out the ability to get a spell that isn't on the Cleric list would help to balance it. Likewise, you could instead include a reasonable rate of failure. Maybe a Spellcraft check?
Thanks, It also helps Archivists from being less dependent on Prayer books (Obviously).

Glad you like it. Again, helps people play an archivist at 1st-3rd level who isn't a cleric minus turn undead awesome, domain spells, domain powers, HD and base attack bonus plus a locked Scribe Scroll and +1/+2 on attack rolls for a move action 3/day. This way, he can afford to start with some non-cleric spells in his Prayerbook on his starting gold.

Problem is that spellcraft checks would be either take 10/20 (Auto succeed), or roll, in that case you have a feat that works only 60% of the time. I think'll make It DM controlled, which'll keep it in line with the rest of the campaign. What do we think?

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Perhaps just decrease the difficulties slightly? For instance, cross class spell learning is normal +5 SC from the cross classing, and the original spell level, right? So you could just make it +5 from cross class, but at the lower spell level?
Maybe. It'll be interesting to implement that sort of thing, but it seems like a change to the archivist class itself... For the feat, I think'll make it DM controlled...