Soleil, Zeltron Sith

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 158 lb, give or take
Hair: Deep purple
Skin: Dark red
Affiliation: Sith

Being a Zeltron, Soleil is stunningly beautiful, with perfect features and a lean, toned body. He wears his long purple hair pulled back in a ponytail that reaches his mid-back. He favors wearing tight black leather pants, and occasionally little else. When necessary, he wears the classic black Sith cloak, though he prefers not to.

Zeltron are known for their empathy and ability to feel for others, and Soleil has taken this in an odd direction: absolute sadism. He takes actual physical pleasure from the pain of others, and finds it almost an addiction. He's never as happy as when he is hurting someone, though he can appear happy. His actual emotions are always a mystery, hidden behind a mask of false cheer. But make no mistake, Soleil is one of the most evil beings you'll ever meet. It is always a mistake to trust him.

Captured as an infant, Soleil was raised since birth to be a killing machine. He was immediately indoctrinated into Sith beliefs, but his captors were surprised to find him take so well to the training. He threw himself into the pursuit of Dark Side power, and was all too glad to do whatever it took to gain power. He now aims to rise in the ranks of the Sith, if only to get the chance to cause more pain.

Soleil is more of a martial Sith than a Force master, though he has some powers with the Force.

Force Aspects:
Control: Strong. Soleil's real, and only, area of Force expertise, he has trained extensively in this aspect of the Force.
Sense: Lousy. Soleil can affect some manner of telepathy, but he mainly only knows one trick from this area.
Control: Lousy. Soleil saw no need to master this area, or even work on it. Why make the Force do what he can do himself?

Force Speed/Surge: Soleil can speed up his own body, and can use this power to run at speeds equaling or exceeding approximately one hundred miles per hour. However, maintaining such speed is exhausting and hard to control, but using it in bursts is a good way to surprise opponents. This speed boost also increases his acrobatic capabilities.

Force Stealth: One of Soleil's trademark tricks, this power can mask his Force presence completely, making appear to be non-Force sensitive. He finds this particularly useful when working undercover, and has used it in the past to appear to be a mercenary or smuggler working independently.

Tutaminis: An entire area of the Control aspect into itself, Soleil has trained extensively in this power. With it, he can diffuse and negate the energy from blasters and even lightsabers, though the necessary focus tends to distract him from battle. He cannot yet channel this energy for other uses, but he is working on it.

Force Sense: His only trained application of the Sense aspect, Soleil uses this power to sense other Force-sensitives reasonably accurately within a range of about 5 meters.

Telekinesis: Technically he can do this. Soleil can lift about twenty pounds with this, and that only if he's trying very hard.

Martial combat:

Lightsaber combat: Soleil uses a lightsaber from time to time, utilizing a dueling saber of his own creation. He is an practiced user of the Ataru Form, though he can also utilize Shien and Djem So in a pinch. he is also especially fond of the Trakata techniques, using them along with his natural speed and skill to catch foes off-guard.

Unarmed Combat: Soleil is also a practiced master of martial arts, and uses them in conjunction with his lightsaber forms and Control powers to fight in his own unified (if somewhat eclectic) style.

Skills: Soleil is a master of stealth, and it is very hard to keep out of places where he wants to go. He is also very athletic, even without the Force. He has an intermediate understanding of computer systems and mechanics, enough to hack into most systems and fix most things, as well as plant and remotely detonate explosives. He is fairly knowledgeable about the Galaxy as a whole, and matters of biology and anatomy in particular.

Equipment: Sith Talisman (unused, but it could grant him greater use of the Force if he were to give in to it), red-bladed dueling lightsaber, several cases of thermite and other explosives, a highly advanced datapad, and not much else. He prefers to travel light.