Yay! First part of the new year!

Chapter 3 - Part 5

The rest of the time in that class was spent shifting between forms some more. John and Pete both got the hang of it fairly quick. And it was obvious that Tracy knew what she was doing.

When they left, Lynda told them that the next class would be spent learnig how to do partial shifts.

"Alright, what's next on the list?" Pete asks. John checks his while he mumbles something about Pete having eyes.

"'Elemental Control'. Well, that sounds interesting."

Tracy nods a little. "Yeah, that's the basics of using your powers."

John looks up from his map. "Really? They're doing that here? Not some, like, indoor, steel reinforced gun range or something?" Pete laughs.

"Heh, no. They got ways of keeping people from burning the forest down."

John shrugs a little, then goes back to the map. "Well, it says it's up at the archery range. At least it'll be an open area."

When the group arrives, they find that the archery range is near the entrance to the camp. It's also right by the canoe launching point, placing it right next to the main river that runs through the camp. The Rifle River, as the map calls it.

The archery range has a small building with a pavillion connected to it at the entrance. Then a wide open area that would normally hold the targets. Today, that field is empty.

The group finds Mr. Drant standing there smiling, waiting for them.