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    Valente Ricci

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Age: 23

    Profession: Father of four

    Valente is a young mostly human man with caucasian features. He's tall and has a slender build. His hair is nearly black and long enough to cover his eyes. His skin is exceptionally pale and his eyes are bright yellow. He has a pair of long, slender tails. He most often wears casual, comfortable clothes.

    Valente is often an unassuming individual, often preferring to be out of the center of attention. He's woefully inexperienced in worldly matters, and as a result, he can be a tad naive. He's hesitant in making decisions as he worries perhaps too much about what people think of him, and if he's making the right choice.

    Valente was raised in the bustling city of Gul-Thadar. It was an odd place, constantly under the cover of darkness and run by the vampire upper class. His family was always poor. Both his parents worked multiple jobs and getting by was a struggle sometimes.

    As soon as he was able, Valente started working. He was fortunate and got work with one of the local vampire "families", Tenebras. He was to be properly indoctrinated into the family. It was soon after that that he went on a long term trip in a business venture lead by Ramiro, one of the heads of the family.
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