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    Valente Ricci

    Alias: Val, by Astrana

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 23

    Profession: Stay at home dad

    Description: Valente still has a fairly adolescent appearance. He has a straight nose and somewhat thin lips. His jawline is fairly strong and his chin is somewhat pointed. His eyes are very attractive with full eyelashes, and theyíre coloured a reddish brown. His skin is very pale, much more than should be natural, in fact. His hair is dark, almost black. Itís a little shaggy, but grows straight. He wears it long enough that he has to push it out of his eyes. His teeth are all somewhat sharp, though itís less obvious in his very front teeth. He also has no facial hair to speak of, and very little body hair for that matter.

    Heís fairly tall, about six feet. Heís also very scrawny; very little muscle and barely any fat worth mentioning. He is a healthy weight, however. These combined factors give him a somewhat gangly appearance. He has a tail extending down from his tailbone. Itís a rather long and thin; it would drag on the ground a if he let it. Itís quite sleek and agile, and itís fully prehensile.

    He wears modern, mostly casual clothing, especially jeans, tee shirts, sneakers, etc. Most of what he wears is somewhat loose on him. He does have a somewhat long, brown jacket that he likes to wear whenever the weather calls for it.

    Personality: Valente is a kind person and will usually help someone in need. He's woefully inexperienced in worldly matters, and as a result, he can be a tad naive. He's hesitant in making decisions as he worries perhaps too much about what people think of him, and if he's making the right choice.


    • A carving knife.
    • A brass pocketwatch. The watch only has one hand, and the face only has three inscriptions: "You're Late for an Important Date", "Tea Time", and "Not Tea Time".


    Abilities: Valente is immune to all hostile effects that would seek to negatively affect or control his mind.

    Backstory: Valente has lead a sheltered life in Gul-Thadar. A few months prior to coming to the Nexus, he was in a car accident that would have killed him if a paramedic hadn't emergency turned him into a vampire. Since then he got a job with Ramiro, and when the opportunity to come to the Nexus came up he took it.

    Miscellaneous: Valente's mother is named Piera and his father Marco.

    Valente has four children:
    Child Additional Info
    Eats everything
    Climbs on everything
    Only falls asleep while moving
    Likes to bounce
    Ear infections
    Loves animals
    Swings things at people
    Giggles at everything
    Loves music
    Loud and shrieky
    Scared of the dark
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