Chapter 3 - Part 6

Mr. Drant waits for everbody to take a seat at the picnic tables under the pavillion before speaking. "Hello, everybody. As you know, I am Mr. Drant. And, in this time period, I will be instructing you in how to not only use, but control your powers."

"Now, I know that most of you would like this class to be filled with explosions and other such chaos." John and Pete grin at each other. "But, that is not the point of this class. I am here to teach you control. Focus. Precision. Not blowing up buildings."

Mr. Drant lined them all up at the fence seperating the range from the building. John had Pete to his left, and Tracy to his right.

"Now, how many here have channeled their energy before?" Mr. Drant looks up and down the line, seeing that a few hands rise into the air. "Good. You can help with showing others. As for the rest of you, I want you all to close your eyes and focus on your power. Focus on your specific elemental energy."

John closes his eyes and concentrates. Just like with the form shifitng, he inexplicably knows what his power feels like. How it runs through his body. It's an odd feeling. It gives him energy.

"Good, good. When you have a feeling for your power, I want you to hold out an arm in front of you." Mr. Drant's voice comes from behind them now. He had to smart idea of getting out of range of any energy bursts. "And then I want you to try to channel your energy through that arm."

John is a little wary at first. Shouldn't they be doing this seperate from each other? Then again, they've probably been doing this for years and years now. They have everything thought of.

He raises his hand, takes a breath, and concentrates. He can feel the energy moving through his arm, collecting at his hand. He hears a loud burst of sound. Somebody's fired something off already. He shakes the distraction away, and focuses.

And he feels a sudden release as a bolt of lightning shoots forward from his open hand, striking the hillside at the end of the range. He blinks in surprise. It felt...good. Really good, actually.