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    Brinika Trollfinger

    Gender: Female
    Species: Goblin (Link contains a description of goblins as I use them).
    Age: 8
    Profession: Maiden aspect of Mother Eve
    Power Rating: D
    Description: As a goblin child, Brinika is really tiny, measuring 60 centimeters in height. Her skin is light grey and her hair is brown and usually tied into two small braids. She's got large, floppy ears - even when compared to other goblin kids - big orange eyes and little pointy fangs.


    (Art by Darklord Bright, DixFirebone and Gulaghar)
    Personality: Brinika is a rather exuberant child, quite enthusiastic about life in general, and easily excited. She's very curious and nosy, and can be relentlessly inquisitive when something catches her attention - which tends not to last long, as her attention span is notoriously short. However, she's easily intimidated and scared by things she recognizes as dangerous.
    Equipment: Two items of consequence are:
    • Caretaker, one of the last GLoG drones. He was programmed to obey and protect Brinika.
    • A goblin doll she named Bika. It's a gift from Mother Eve and will speak if given some food.

    Abilities: Brinika is talented at music and very bright overall, picking up new things easily.
    More importantly, however, she has divine powers by the virtue of being the Maiden aspect of Mother Eve. She has powers related to purity and innocence, music and manipulation of earth and darkness. However, she hasn't begun to understand and develop them yet.
    Miscellanous: Reelshka's niece.
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