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    This is my homebrew material. If you use it, please let me know how it goes and if you enjoy it. If you have any questions but want to avoid thread necromancy, please just PM me!


    Base Classes
    • Archer - A ranged attack focused class, not using ToB See the PrC
    • Ascetic - A psionic frontline warrior that combines aspects of the monk and soulknife.
    • Barbarian - A rewrite of the Barbarian to include ToB
    • Magus - A Constitution-based arcane caster that eventually casts spells as extraordinary abilities
    • Ranger - A rewrite of the Ranger to include ToB
    • Samurai - A rewrite of the Samurai to address it's power issues
    • Sword Saint - A martial classed inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, which still needs a lot of work See the PrC
    • Warlock - A new rewrite of the Warlock to accommodate alternate power sources and increase it's overall power

    Prestige Classes
    • Archer - Essentially an Order of the Bow Initiate rewrite. Pretty much the base class condensed into a PrC
    • Bodybuilder - A strength-based caster, Charles Atlas magic!
    • Child of the Abyss - A warlock/martial adept hybrid, with a focus on demonic heritage
    • Dragon Apostle - Focused on specific types of dragons, advancing dragonfire adepts and dragon shamans
    • Emissary of the Dark - A warlock that focuses on the darkness invocation
    • Enlightened Spirit - A rewrite to increase the power and focus of the PrC
    • Force Missile Warlock - A warlock-based PrC focused on Magic Missile and force effects
    • Kannushi - A Shinto-inspired caster that draws power from kami
    • Shaman of Wrath A barbarian/warlock hybrid, very angry
    • Sword Saint - The class from FFT as a PrC, far more polished that the base class version
    • True Deceiver - An evil Malconvoker
    • Twice-Claimed Soul - A hellbred binder that seeks to escape damnation through a vestige


    Soulforged - An incarnum version of psiforged


    • Coin Dragon - An artificial dragon created out of a dragon's hoard, but a true dragon in it's own right
    • Primal Troll - A virtually immortal troll ancestor
    • Nessian Housecat - Baator's answer to meddlesome wizards
    • Tavern Imp - Your own shoulder devil, finally someone to blame your drunken shenanigans on!

    d20 Rebirth <--hombrew system by Fax Celestis

    Base Class

    Barbarian - a reworking of the barbarian class for d20r, increasing the versatility and focus of the class

    Prestige Class

    • Battle Seer - A [Lore]/[Martial] keyword hybrid class that predicts their opponents.
    • Urban Pioneer - A ranger with a focus on urban terrain that brings civilization into the wilds

    4th Edition

    Paragon Paths
    Child of the Abyss - An adaptation of the 3.5 PrC

    Popopo - An entire race based off Kirby

    Coin Dragon - A dragon made out of a dragon's hoard
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