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You switch places with that tin can on the other side of the door. You might need to exclude objects, too.
Read the spell again. It only works objects to objects, and creature to creature.
Also, Magic Man is way overpowered. They at least need to prepare the spell ahead of time, from a premade list of spells, or they will, once each day, get a spell from a third party book, not to mention the fact that you are letting ToB characters get access to high-level polymorph spells. You may want to tone it down a bit...
Changed the 1/month spell to 1 less than the highest a spellcaster of 1/2 HD could cast. Not that much room for abuse there. Also, I don't think 1 cantrip 2/day is that powerful, even if it is from a third party book....unless there's a completely ridiculous one out there.