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    Default Re: Cantrippin':Level 0 Never Looked So Great[3.5, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by DMofDarkness View Post
    No, the cantrip 2/day is fine. It's just the higher-level spell. Although, now, some of the cantrip options are beginning to look more powerful...
    It's once per month. Even if it's something like Polymorph, it's not like they get to do it frequently, or even enough to matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Damage Soak is nice, especially in lower levels and if you actually DO give infinite cantrips.
    Yeah. Can't have infinite cantrips on that one. It's fine with limited usage, but unlimited....that basically doubles how long you can hold out, if not more.
    The Bone spells can be fun in lower levels when going against goblins and kobolds (or later by making an army of skeleton chickens)
    True, although one must acknowledge the limits of the spells, so it's not like there'd be dozens of chickens.
    One of my players had a beguiler character that was a prankster in a past short campaign. During a visit to a magical city, the character commented about how there were all these types of magic, but none really helped him prank anyone. It's also the reason for the Boy to Girl cantrip.
    Switcheroo: watch your players set up shell games.
    Really Cantrippin': better any random effects? using a 3rd spell slot gets you a +6 to all saves via resistance.
    Especially ones with many effects: take a 3rd spell slot (new variables in brackets)
    Dancing lights:
    up to 4 (24) spheres of light in a 10'(not an effect) area give off 30' (180') light. They can move 100' (600') per round.

    Though allowing something like that would definately have your characters using cantrips all the time.
    True, I suppose I could extend it to all effects, but I'd need to think on it. By the way, a 3rd spell slot would only provide +3 to all saves.
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