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    Default Sea of Dragons - DnD Gaming Server set in the Forgotten Realms (Uses NWN2)

    Hello, OOTS fans. I've been lurking on this site quite some time enjoying the comic and the comments on the forum. After reading for awhile, it's hit me that some people here might enjoy the online equivalent of DnD dungeon delving and adventures without having to run with the masses or be led through a plot like in some popular MMO games. Therefore, I introduce a server that I and a couple others run to give players just this kind of experience - freedom to explore, dungeon delving, character development, and plenty of failed listen checks! It's as close to PnP as you can get on a computer.

    For this reason, I present (with permission, of course) Sea of Dragons: Moonsea

    The server is entirely free and the only "payment" we get from it is the satisfaction of seeing players enjoy something that we've built. We don't have fees, we don't have ads, we don't require applications. So what do you need to play?
    • Neverwinter Nights 2 and the expansions (MotB, SoZ)
    • Your Imagination

    The first is now easier than ever to obtain and the second is something everyone should already have.

    So, how about a better introduction to the server and it's goals? Sure. Read on!

    All Dungeons and Dragons players appreciate the value of a good story, no matter how tragic or how silly. And we at Sea of Dragons aim to bring you all the resources required to build your own tale or join in with others. Sea of Dragons is a Persistent World server set in Forgotten Realms’s Moonsea region. As a Persistent World each event is progressive, just as the real world shifts from yesterday, to today, into tomorrow. It is a living, breathing, evolving world for your character to adventure and grow. In an effort to avoid the heavily trampled modern settings of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition, 3.5, and 4th Edition, Sea of Dragons takes place previous to Forgotten Realms infamous Time of Troubles, thus giving every player – and their character – a unique perspective into the revolutionary Forgotten Realms setting. Despite the timeline, we still stick to the 3.5 rule set.

    The whole project is beautifully rendered with Obsidian’s Neverwinter Nights 2 engine, the most stream-lined and accurate video game simulator for D&D to date! Select from all your favorite races and classes, and some new ones, to create a traditional or contemporary character, and play through his days in a vibrant and challenging world. Join other adventurers and forge allies and friendships to defy the forces of evil, or challenge the righteous as an insidious villain. Your imagination is the limit, and we’ll supply the visuals to match!

    At Sea of Dragons we take pride in putting the players first, affording a character-driven world. Watch the towns and cities shift around your character with every choice that he or she makes. Our talented and devoted staff of Dungeon Masters and Developers is dedicated to bringing you the very best plots and an ever expanding world of high adventure.

    Come join the players at Sea of Dragons and interweave your tale with so many others for endless hours of old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons fun.

    Some fun things you can do in a nutshell:

    • Make a character and forge your own adventure. Spin your own plots with other players or with a DM's help. Build your character's background and then play out his future. Be a hunter, healer, ferocious warrior, or town drunk. The possibilities are endless.

    • Be a part of the ruthless Moonsea politics - join the Harpers, Red Wizards, or Zhentarim. Alternatively create your own player guild. Bring a few friends and form your own adventuring party.

    Sea of Dragons is a heavy RP (Roleplay) world, and so we have introduced things to the game to make your adventure more like tabletop. Here is a partial list of the fun things that are implemented on the server:

    • Alcoholic Beverages: Playing the town drunk is a real possibility. Or perhaps a drinking contest? Either way, if your character has too much ale, he may find himself passed out on the floor.

    • Ambushes: Resting in the wilds of the Forgotten Realms is a dangerous thing to do. Any number of hostile creatures are just waiting for your character to close his eyes in slumber before pouncing upon him.

    • Ammunition: Skilled characters can retrieve some ammunition that they have fired. Who wouldn't want to retrieve those expensive magical arrows? Haley Starshine would get them back!

    • Climbing: Your character can attempt to scale rock walls, ropes, and crates to gain access to places. Use them to sneak around enemies, come in through a back door, or just to laugh at your less nimble party members when they fall down.

    • Economy: Loot dungeons, skin animals, go fish, brew potions, or interact with other characters to keep your money plentiful. Your character will need it to purchase those special Boots of Elvenkind.

    • Explosives: Bombs aren't just for villains, ninjas, and dwarves. Everyone can enjoy a good fireworks show.

    • Holy Symbols: Banjo's clerics need their holy symbols to be effective. Without them they might as well be underpowered fighters with blunt weapons and hand puppets.

    • Lanterns and Torches: Nobody wants to be in the dark unless they are either a sneaky rogue bent upon backstabbing or stealing, or a crafty dwarf who can see in it. That's why there are torches and lanterns provided for those lesser races that aren't smart enough to have developed darkvision.

    • New DnD Spells: 400+ custom scripted spells have gone on the server in addition to what the original NWN2 has to offer.

    Interested and have the game? Click the link below to check out the site, then hop online!

    Interested but don't have the game (and two expansions) or just want more information? Feel free to send me a message and I'll be glad to help.

    And again, for anyone who doesn't feel like scrolling up to find the link to our site, here it is: Sea of Dragons Website
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