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    Default Re: Sea of Dragons - DnD Gaming Server set in the Forgotten Realms (Uses NWN2)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    So, I've tried Persistent Worlds before, and my problem was always the same: I'm European, and whenever I could actually be on, there were about two other players in the world and no DMs, so there was never anything to do. About the time I just had to log off in order to get any sleep, everyone else came on.
    How is that on your server? How many people do you have?
    We have a pretty good European crowd, but it does vary by day. Currently at nearly noon GMT -6, there isn't much of a crowd. The most in the European hours will show up around 3 PM to 6 PM (9 PM - 12 AM GMT). We actually have more European players, I think, though the U.S. players seem to be a bit more regular on when they show up. Weekends are better, of course, because the U.S players often show up in European hours.

    EDIT: As of 9:18 PM GMT, there are definitely more than two players online to interact with.
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