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The way I read it its based on the spell slot you sacrifice.
My bad. I was thinking of the original version I made. Yes, it'd be fine, as it's only for a minute. Although in my campaign it's a first level spell, as it applies to ALL saves.
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I find it sorta typical in a way there is a Boy to Girl cantrip but no Girl to Boy cantrip.
It works both ways.
Primal Blow should clarify what kinds of natural weapons are available though. There are LOADS and not all have a standard set damage ratio compared to size.
True. How do bite, tail, and claws sound?
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Give it a casting time of 1 round, a range of touch, and a 10 gp material component to balance it against Summon Monster I. The Target could be simplified to "one humanoid corpse, or one corpse of a creature with 1 Hit Die or less" to make it easier to use.
The reasoning here is that this is a serious contender for Summon Monster I (whose longer duration doesn't really help because level 1 summons can be killed with a good whack.)

I just can't get behind this one. Animate dead already fulfils its purpose, and it's quite high-level and costs a lot. This is also too similar to the previous skeleton spell, and is really just overpowered.
True, 1 full round could work. Still, no one's going to spend that full-round action. Changed duration to 1 round + 1 round/3 levels for bone walk
See the changes I recommended for the instant-skeleton spell. Needs a longer casting time since it's a mini-summon.
Sorry, but here I don't really see much need for that. It's a Tiny Object. It's not going to be around for long, nor deal enough damage to make it matter a full-round action.
You didn't specify what kind of natural weapon you get. (Damage dice and damage type is very important, you should include a table.) At least give a list. I'd say it's balanced to make it a simple 1d6 dealing the caster's choice of slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning damage.
Good idea. I'll think about it.
1) Make it allow a Will saving throw. You can get rid of the "combat with non-humanoids" bit, the normal way to do this sort of thing in 3.5 edition is to allow a saving throw.
2) Make it explicitly not work on armor and magical clothing.
True, that does need to be done. Although if you don't get the non-humanoids bit...can't help you there.
Specify "Will negates" instead of just "Will". Rephrase "Charisma checks" as "Charisma-based skill checks," because characters rarely make unmodified Charisma checks in social interactions.
I would rephrase the Disguise rules (because this is very different from the Disguise rules as written.) Say that it negates the penalty for disguising yourself as the opposite gender, and explicitly state that it does not affect the normal Familiarity bonus.
That's complicated... And it's more of a first-level spell (compare it to the psionic biofeedback.)
Changed to 1d3 damage only.
The standard for divination spells it to have a percent chance of an incorrect response, and no saving throw. Maybe say the answer has a 70% + 1% per level chance of being correct, and the answer is incorrect otherwise.
Also, your range isn't specified. You should require the caster to be holding something owned by the creature or something similar.
Good idea! Wish I had thought of that.
If the target must be willing, then specify it as "Will negates (harmless)". I would also put an upper limit on size (for example, Medium or smaller creatures and Small or smaller unattended objects.)
Huh, I like that one. I'd change it to a standard action (since you usually would have to ready an action to use it properly.) Also, make a note that it doesn't work on skills that take longer than a round to complete.
Does the caster have to already know or have those spells in his spellbook?
Oop! Yes! Changed that.
You might want to specify "variable numeric effects," like metamagic feats do.
Actually, in this case, so far, I've decided to make it all effects.
Too powerful. Taking a feat for prestidigitation and a few extra cantrip slots is fine, but being able to shoot off a high-level spell with one feat is too much.
Removed, seeing as no one likes 1/month spells, even if the maximum spell you could cast at 20th would be a 4th level spell, and only then.
Spell-infused Punch is worded poorly. I'd say, "If the widget hits a creature with its natural attack, it may cast its cantrip on that opponent as a free action (if the cantrip has a single target.)"
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Just a couple of things need fixing.

Hit Dice: 1d10 (5 hp) [you round down with hit points]

Size bonus is missing from AC.

AC: 12 (+2 size), touch 12, flat-footed

Thanks! I appreciate this!
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I really like the Widget. I'm playing a construct-building wizard at the moment, and a bag of holding full of Acid Splash Widgets would be terrifying.

If the extra spell the Widget gets is Mage Hand, would that give you a flying Widget?
Yes, providing the Widget used it to lift itself.

Also, added a thing about ability scores onto the Widget description.