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    Default Re: Cantrippin':Level 0 Never Looked So Great[3.5, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer Girl View Post
    A bit over powered for a cantrip, or any non-epic spell...... Guidance can only give a +1 to a skill, and cantrips should max out at like +5. But this cantrip can 'help' an unlimited number of skill points? Any time a skill check needs to be rolled, just pick the person with the highest plus and then the helped target will always make it.
    Huh? Not quite sure what you're saying here. The skill ranks or ability score bonuses only come from the caster himself, no one else.
    At first level you can 'help' by at least 10 points(+4 rank, +4 ability, +2 feat) and it only goes up from there.
    No feat bonuses now. Also, note that it's rank/ability score bonus. That means either-or, not both.
    Way too powerful. Can any other spell give you a +20 to a skill check? Or reduce the +20 you have to a -5
    And the reduction makes even more problems. To give a person a -20 on a skill check(as they would 'loose' all their ranks for the check) is harsh. This is bad enough for mundane skill checks(the evil ninja now has a balance skill of -2..and falls off the cliff) but gets even worse for important and powerful skill checks(Arch mage goes to make a concentration check...zap it's at 0 now, taken down from +30!).
    That's sort of the point. Still, I have no idea how there could be a negative penalty to a skill unless you sort of devoted a lot of attention to having one.....and also, remember: Will negates. It's unlikely that anyone who could be seriously hurt by a successful use of this cantrip will ever be affected by this.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForzaFiori View Post
    You use the caster's bonus, not the bonus of another subject. It allows the subject to do anything the caster can, but also can be used to give a penalty. Considering the very small skill list and skill points given a wiz and sorc, the power of this drops considerably.
    Also, what he said.
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