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To swallow a spell with Regurgitator, it seems like you have to ready an action for it (unless the spell is ongoing). Is this the intention?
Also, someone just put the Spellthief out of a job, I like Regurgitator better.
Yeah, indeed. You may want to make it an Immediate action, so you can catch things and hurl them back.

I grin at the thought of combining this with Reaping Mauler. Sleeper lock+Swallow whole anyone?
Eh, Reaping Mauler isn't that great, actually. It's mostly geared towards getting out of grapples, as opposed to into them. Plus, the special holds take too long to get off, I find, especially if you're just going to Swallow them up, anyways. Better to lock them away now then have them flopping around and causing you trouble.