Chapter 3 - Part 7

John stares at his hand for a moment, amazed. His hand shows no sign of damage, no signs of it having just shot out a bolt of lightning. He turns his hand over a couple of times, still in shock.

Then he hears Pete give a shout and turns to look. Pete's doing some kind of odd dance. John glances to the hillside in front of Pete and finds out why. There's a large burn mark, probably ten feet wide.

John grins. "Good job, Pete. Way to burn a hole in a hill." Pete laughs.

John turns to Tracy, who seems to be having a little difficulty. she keeps thrusting her arm forward, towards the hill. Not much happens. She gets frustrated. "Stupid wind powers."

"Having a little trouble?" Mr. Drant snuck up behind her and surprised her, making her jump a little. She nods. "Yeah, a little." He gives a warm smile. "Close your eyes and hold out your hand." She does so. "Now, take a deep breath, and concentrate. Focus on the wind. The air around you. How it feels when it blows."

Tracy takes a breath and does so. And, after a moment, a burst of wind suddenly shoots from her hand. She opens her eyes and gets excited. She turns to John, grinning. "I did it! I got it to work!"

John smiles and nods. "Awesome."

After another hour, the group heads back to the pavillion for lunch. They're very excited by this point. Pete's actually skipping a little as he walks. Which Tracy notices. And points and laughs at him for it.