Ah... most of these are much too strong for cantrips.

Bone Walk: For a standard action, I turn a fallen foe into a skeleton for a round or two. That's actually quite useful. Much more so than 1d3 touch attack damage. Oh yes, and it prevents Raise Dead from working.

Bone Minion: A Cheap alternative to Animate Dead for getting a butler. It's an Instant version of Unseen Servant, that's visible, and can be used as a meatshield for a short time.

De-Pants: No-save Daze for all humans within line of sight of a target? Are you NUTS? Oh yes, and no provision that it doesn't destroy magical garments, too.

Damage Soak: It's a combination of a slightly upgraded Virtue with an upgraded version of Ray of Frost (no attack roll, untyped damage)

Widget: Very, very useful. A critter with 4 ranks in one or two arbitrary skills, that has access to a cantrip or two, 3/day? Surprisingly handy. Make a small army of them (say, 10, for 300 xp), give them all Acid Splash, give them all 4 ranks in Hide and Move Silently, and you've got something rather mean. Especially if you add some of the disabling spells you list... or even worse, Bone Minion. Each can have one Bone Minion under it's command. As a spell-like ability, it even avoids the costly component. And there's no limits to how many Widgets you can have.

So you send your Widgets to a graveyard, have them sneak around and animate commoner corpses as skeletons. You have them relay orders.

When your skeletons get killed, the Widgets simply go to another corpse, and animate that.

Now, granted, most of these tricks won't be useful past 3rd level, but still, for cantrips, they're overpowered.