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Huh? Not quite sure what you're saying here. The skill ranks or ability score bonuses only come from the caster himself, no one else.
So if the caster has +10 in a skill, and the other person has +1 then they can make the skill check with a +10 or if the caster has +1 in a skill and the person has +10 in the skill, then they get to make the check at +1.

So the group need never worry about any skill the wizard has ranks in, as he can give them +10, +20, or more to make the check.

Sure it's 'wil negative' but if they fail that save..or if the caster buffs it up.....then you have the 20th level ninja falling off a cliff as his Balance check is now the casters +1(instead of his normal +20, so that is a -19 to a skill check). It's worse for combat feats...oh the foe now has a sense motive of +1 just like the caster...auto Bluff for the rouge.

And it's not like 'only wizards' can cast this....lots of classes use the sor/wiz spell list, lots of classes can pick a spell from another class, and any sor/wiz with even one level in another class gets more skills.

And unlimited plus or penalty to a skill is way too powerful.