fraid I haven't had time to catch up on reading

I bring a new snippet

from savage worlds - Necessary Evil
I bring you
"Blacklist's first jailbreak" or, now that we're finally done with character creation, lets drop into some combat!


The sensation of flying…

And suddenly

I’m falling down through the air, hurtling towards the ground; below me I see a prison compound

More importantly, I see the roof a building racing up to meet me.

….. Perhaps I should introduce myself…..

I am the vigilante Known as Blacklist. As a youth a friend and I were shot up in a Convenience store robbery, I had the fortune of waking up inside body gab en route to the morgue. It was discovered that I have a genetic mutation that causes me to heal at a vastly accelerated rate, even beyond death. Incensed over the death of my friend (and my own death, temporary as it was) I vowed to have revenge for any who have been taken advantage of by those that escape “the law” I will go to any lengths necessary to achieve this goal. However, I will do whatever I can to minimize “innocent” human casualties (after all, that’s what I was) in the years since, I have discovered that my mutation allows me to… reverse the healing process in others, causing them to decay and rot.
It’s currently tied with a manslayer shell to the face for my favorite method of ‘blacklisting’ someone

But I digress
When the aliens came, the warehouse I was holed up in was hit hard, I only managed to escape with my life (pretty hard to lose it given my condition) my favorite pump-action shotgun, and a handful of ‘surprises’ for our guests…

Back to the present….

I’m falling…
Quickly I might add

“Fine, I’ll do it” I mentally respond to the presence in my head.

The plastique explosive attached to the nullifiers around my wrists explode, leaving me free, I reach out and grab my shotgun from freefall and feel it over for flaws or damage.

6 seconds to impact
I see a robot has been dropped with me; lucky bastard seems to have rockets built into his boots.

5 seconds to impact
I look around the prison complex, I see that we’re dropping into the main holding cell

4 seconds to impact
No sharks… and no blues… that’s good.

3 seconds to impact
“Time to rock n’ roll” I think to myself

2 seconds to impact
I rack the slide on my shotgun, chambering a deer slug


I come down straight through the ceiling, leaving a rather large hole in the middle of the roof for the robot to follow me through, I manage to stick the landing and roll to my feet assessing the situation.

The robot comes to a landing behind me

“Blacklist, you?” I say as way of introduction, not taking my eyes off of my surroundings

“Mandlebot, now, let us deal with these… things”

The ‘things’ Tin Man is referring to are the 4 drone guards that surround us. We’ve landed in the exact center of a cross intersection in the prison building, at the end of each hall is a drone guard leveling their blaster rifle at us.

“Right, I’ll take the fat one and the thin one; you take the ugly one and the pretty one”
I roll down one of the corridors, halving the amount of incoming fire. Rolling to my feet I raise my shot-gun and send the deer slug into the chest of the drone. It staggers back and returns fire, which is absorbed into my duraweave suit. I rack the slide and fire again bringing the drone down.

I hear shrieking metal behind me and turn to see that doc sprocket’s got his hands on one of those fancy ‘hero killer’ guns…. Show off… he’s obliterated two of them.

“Handle the others! I’ll track down Mindjack”

I open the eye slot on the door nearest me
Human female

I pump shells into the door until it opens

“Are you okay?” I ask

“Yea, I’ll be fine” she responds

And so the process continues, until I’ve freed all the prisoners.

Mandlebot was holding off an enforcer squad of drones with some sort of shockwave emitter, seemed pretty effective.

I pulled Mindjack, the guy we were sent to bust out, too his feet and call for extraction….