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    Quote Originally Posted by Re'ozul View Post
    Since I might use it on my Grim Reaper Lookalike in a game I have a question on magic man:

    Does it mean that I can constantly apply presti effects to myself (even subconsciously)? (asking for glowing skull-eyes and chill/heat effects with non-existant wind cloak and such)
    I guess it does not give me unlimited usage of presti myself?
    No, it does not give you unlimited usage of the spell itself. Basically, think of it as if you've cast presdigitation, but instead of ending at one hour, it's ALWAYS in effect. So, yeah, you can constantly apply the effects to yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer Girl View Post
    I think +5 is a good cap for Help.
    So, like, it can't increase or decrease the subject's roll by more than 5 is what you mean?
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