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    I'll need this very shortly since I'll be posting my Met Nchi Sals setting before too long, so here is a pre-emptive extended signature.
    Woefully Incomplete
    Passable, but not yet balanced
    Original goal is built, and more or less balanced
    Complete, with only the potential for slight balance adjustments

    Base Classes

    Invocations For Everyone: Devout

    Campaign Settings ~ Most of my settings contain a post-apocalyptic or cataclysmic theme

    Dragon Born ~ Small-scale world taking place after the Dragon Gods tore down the civilization they built. Contains Races (and a special culture system), Classes, Feats, Weapons (including firearms) and "Skill Spheres." D&D 3.5

    Mets Nchi Sals ~ Forest World Arctic, World divided in half East/West by two climates, An impenetrable forest, and a hostile arctic wasteland due to two world-shaking magic rituals, contains Races (with shared bonuses based on climate) feats, spells, and monsters. D&D 3.5

    To be unveiled at a later date ~ runs the gamut. My own system

    Game Systems ~ These take a long time to make, and this will probably remain one item for a very long time
    To be unveiled at a later date
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