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    Default Re: General Exalted Discussion II: No Longer Mortal

    Quote Originally Posted by golentan View Post
    Well, the thing to remember about the ebon dragon is that his weakness was his own deliberate fault the whole time, given that he literally invented the concept and embodiment of goodness so that he'd have something to pick on.

    And possibly because he's incapable of doing anything without stabbing somebody in the back and he considers himself a valid and comical target.
    That's my point, though. Even the Primordial who regularly betrays himself can apparently overcome his weakness, so logically other Primordials can overcome their weaknesses, so a GSP who turns into a Primordial would have some hefty advantages over Exalts who aren't Primordials - and certainly wouldn't make himself weaker by becoming a Primordial. Wasn't that what we were arguing about?
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    I fail to see how "No, that guy is too fat to be hurt by your fire" would make sense.