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The Aidenweiss and Should the Sun Not Rise are indeed the examples I had in mind. The fluff is more proof that the Ebon Dragon doesn't know that either of those are options...because the Sun's death is already hypothetical territory. Nothing really changes. Holy no longer works, but Ebsie's Perfect will still fail in the face of functional Holy Charms.
Also because he has the greater imperfection, meaning anyone who has a single dot of willpower and a single dot of any virtue can force him to hemorrhage motes and/or has free access to perfect defenses against all his attacks.

Whereas a master of Crane Style can freely fold him up, feed him to himself, and pull him out the other end without breaking a sweat. Solo, with no fear of ever being harmed, or any expenditure of motes past their first action so long as they keep stunting.

Seriously, mortals can beat him up. It takes a lot of them, and they can't force him to stay down, but they *can* pound him flat. He's a pathetic, pathetic so and so. God I hate him. Not even the decency to be a terrifying villain.