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    Default Re: General Exalted Discussion II: No Longer Mortal

    EDIT: Sidereal'd by golentan. By 6 minutes.

    Crane Style has charms that let you recover a Compassion channel instead of motes when you stunt, and not need to spend Willpower to channel Compassion. Its capstone is a permanent Holy charm that drains the target's Willpower. The ED's perfect defenses don't work against Holy attacks, and channeling a Virtue makes defenses against him become perfect. So a Crane Stylist gets all the PDs he wants and the ED can't use PDs against him.

    I suppose the ED could flurry a lot to make the Crane Stylist use a lot of PDs and so run out of virtue channels other than however many Compassion channels he can recover each action, and try to make more attacks per round than his target can recover Compassion channels. And I think there's some dispute over whether you can in fact recover an infinite number of Compassion channels a day with Crane Style. Ebbie's still in trouble, though.
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