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That's my point, though. Even the Primordial who regularly betrays himself can apparently overcome his weakness, so logically other Primordials can overcome their weaknesses, so a GSP who turns into a Primordial would have some hefty advantages over Exalts who aren't Primordials - and certainly wouldn't make himself weaker by becoming a Primordial. Wasn't that what we were arguing about?
Primordials can work to make their Lesser Imperfections inapplicable, yes. Was anyone arguing about this? It's not really a surprise. When the Ebon Dragon sees Holy, he flees. When you find a way to fight Malfeas in a not-city, he recognizes his vulnerability. But the thing is, Primordial Imperfections are, by nature, larger and more exploitable than Exalted Imperfections. Given the choice between any one Solar Perfect Defense and any Infernal Perfect Defense, the Solar wins hands-down. Their Flaws are just out and out more difficult to exploit...and less iconic. But once an Infernal starts purchasing multiple Perfects, they get an arguable (and expensive) edge that provides them with redundant options. Sure, your attack might be Holy, but are we in a city/have I ever seen that Charm before? If yes, then you're in trouble.

Exalts -DO- make themselves weaker by becoming a Primordial...if your definition of a Primordial is someone with (Me) Cosmic Principle. They're throwing away the ability to layer those redundant defenses/access to Solar or Abyssal perfects. A GSP who's taken the Devil-Tiger route is still an Exalt, until they kill themselves and lose access to Yozi Charms other than their own. That's the important distinction: they're learning Charms of a Primordial who only tangentially exists, but they're still, for the important considerations, Exalts.