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    Default Re: General Exalted Discussion II: No Longer Mortal

    Quote Originally Posted by SurlySeraph View Post
    Ah, I missed that ascending requires them to give up Yozi Charms other than their own, preventing them from getting as much broad applicability. Are there guidelines that prevent you from having a very rarely applicable flaw, or a flaw based on a principle that you created by becoming a Primordial and that is thus very hard for anyone else to understand and exploit?
    Quote Originally Posted by The Broken-Winged Crane
    The Charm cascades of the Yozis should be used
    as an example of what is appropriate for this new
    Charm tree (the majority of its Charms exist in the
    Essence 2-3 range, all perfect defenses share a single
    customized Imperfection, and so forth).
    Well, sort of.
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