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Ah, I missed that ascending requires them to give up Yozi Charms other than their own, preventing them from getting as much broad applicability. Are there guidelines that prevent you from having a very rarely applicable flaw, or a flaw based on a principle that you created by becoming a Primordial and that is thus very hard for anyone else to understand and exploit?
Tonberrian's got the right of it, but it's kind of in the same vein as:

"Is there a rule against a Solar inventing a Charm with an utterly inapplicable Flaw?"

It's Good Design being Good Design and Bad Design being Bad Design. A new Devil-Tiger Prince can certainly have a strange flaw, one that requires very real effort to discover. But the Flaw should still be roughly equal to those of the Yozi, in the same way that Solars will never invent a flawless, spammable 1m Perfect Defense that doesn't count as Charm activation.