Got it. Thanks.

Also, this conversation reminded me of another thing I loved in RotSE.
The suggested possibilities for the Ebon Dragon's fetich soul, because they a) let all kinds of groups have interesting fights against it, even mortals since it can be totally pathetic by Exalted standards, and b) open up tons of plot ideas.
I especially like the idea of his fetich having really high virtues as a self-betrayal, particularly because my first thought on reading it linked into the aforementioned replacing-the-Unconquered-Sun issue. The King Is Dead can't be used to turn a demon into a god, but there's a Sidereal charm that lets you turn a demon into a god, so you'd just use that first. I can't think of a better way to torment the ED than to make his own fetich into a new UCS that's really good and loyal at its job.