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    Default Re: General Exalted Discussion II: No Longer Mortal

    Quote Originally Posted by Xefas View Post
    So, "The Song of the Shadow" is an Essence 10 charm that allows an Infernal to create Celestial (Solar-level, t'boot) Exalted. As many as they feel like, albeit only upon people willing to give up their free will in exchange for superpowers and not being a worthless dirt farmer anymore (I'm sure the line will be very short). This charm has six prerequisites, starting at Essence 6 and going up from there.

    Where exactly would you put a charm for making essentially Terrestrial-but-using-my-third-circle-souls-instead-of-the-elemental-dragons-as-a-template Exaltations?

    What about the ability to make, say, 100 shard-based Exaltations, but with the same level of power as Terrestrials?
    It doesn't make Exalted. It doesn't make Exalted -at all-. It makes Akuma...and really, the difference sounds naggling, but let's look:

    Mortal Akuma gain access to "You" Charms from Essence 1-3. Being an Akuma doesn't let them gain any more Essence than usual, so reaching Essence 4 requires apotheosis into a spirit, which renders the Akuma-process invalid. Yes, you can create what are effectively infinite Half-Castes...but I'm betting an Essence 10 Solar can, too. At least until Mortal Akuma and Half Castes are beaten with the nerf stick they so rightly deserve.

    Terrestrials...well, you can corrupt them, give them access to Primordial level Charms. It's an upgrade, but it's not quite creating a whole new class of Exalted, given that the Yozi already have this capability in setting and haven't been able to find all that many takers.

    Making Exaltations...well, it requires more than just a Charm. We're not likely to ever SEE the exact process, because it is such a big mystery of the setting and we've slaughtered most of the mysteries to begin with. But it's a task of sufficient drain and difficulty that some of the most powerful beings in existence only did it once, to a limited quantity of individuals.

    So...yeah. Not really applicable.

    Edit: Akuma aren't really Solar level, either. Green Sun Princes are Solar-tier by virtue of having multi-Yozi access. Primordials are Solar-tier by virtue of infinite XP and Cosmic Principle benefits. Akuma generally occupy a level a half-step above their native tier.
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