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    Default Re: Compilation of UberCheese, Tricks, and Loose Rules Interpretation? Why Not.

    Everyone is aware of the Domain Wizard Variant and the Elven Generalist Wizard Substitution levels. Domain Wizard gets a bonus slot at each level that can only be used to cast a "Domain" spell, which you automatically know as soon as you can cast them. Elven generalist gets an additional slot of his "highest spell level".

    This requires a flaw, or dipping a spontaneous class and waiting until 2rd level.

    Feats: Alacritous Cogitation, Versatile Spellcaster

    So you have 5 first level spell slots right, no big deal, except...

    Versatile means you can spend two 1st level slots to cast a 2nd level spell you know. It's a shame a Wizard can only write 1st level spells in his book at 1st level. Fortunately you learn your domain spells as soon as you would be able to cast them. You can now cast 2nd level spells, so EGW moves your floating slot to 2nd. This means you have a 2nd level spell slot granted by your class. So bonus spells apply. You get your domain slot and your High Int slot. Now you have 4 1st level slots and 3 2nd level slots.

    But you can Versatile two 2nd slots to cast a 3rd level spell.....

    You end up with:
    level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    slots 4 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 2

    For fun, take Ultimate Magus to help your CL catch up quicker. 10/10 casting and 14/10 CL is none too shabby. 4 levels of Dragon Disciple will get you 3 additional 9th level spells, and the CL loss can be offset with Practiced Spellcaster.

    Extra Slot will get you plenty of 8ths. Or you can spend your feats on Metamagic, which you can now actually afford.
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