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    Sigwhite o' the Gleam

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human. No, wait! Dragon! Or was it human? I'm pretty sure it was dragon... But if it was human...
    Age: Last time I checked it was one hundred and something...I'm sure...maybe more...
    Alignment: Chaotic Good. As in, he does whatever he wants because he has the power and audacity to do so, but doesn't want to do evil. Also, he has a tendency to kill evil stuff. That's good, right?
    Class/Profession: Wizard
    Power Rating: He's a powerful wizard, around low 6-ish (DnD level 20 or 21) in magic power, but is entirely killable, has a limit to how much of that power he can use, and tends to stay out of fights or let the meat shields do their job. However, he can turn into a dragon.
    Description: As a dragon:
    Hey, look at this! A dragon!
    Not one of those horrible beasts you've heard so much about, but a dragon nonetheless!
    It's got a large head with a slender snout situated on a moderately short neck, is about 12 meters long not counting the long, flat tail, it's arms extend into wings that look like a cross between a bat's wings and a flying squirrel's gliding skin. The wings start at the shoulders, end at the waist, and are about twenty meters across. There's a frill at near the end of the tail that looks like it might be used for steering, and, more like thin, curved back stegosaur plates along the dragon's spine. Two large, spiraling, ivory horns extend from the back of it's slanted, predatory eyes look strangely intelligent. The feet are long and have claws on the end, and are obviously meant for keeping balance and holding on to things rather than walking.
    The dragon's underbelly is rather like this color, the edges of it's wings are this color, most of it's back is a shiny scarab beetle color, but there are faintgreen, red, and purple vertical stripes, one of each, in that order, that get thicker and thicker until the red and purple actually touch each other and the purple extends onto the back of the neck. The spikes and tail frill are a muddy brown color, and the dragon's long, snaking tongue (which isn't forked) is a deep red color, the sign of an endothermic animal. It's chin has a number of small ivory spikes on it, and a large, light brown frill that almost looks like a beard.
    The dragon lands quietly in a clearing and looks about, grinning and showing it's long, serrated teeth.

    As a human:
    The smoke clears, and out of it steps...A WIZARD!
    He's rather tall, and though he looks pretty old, stands up straight. He wears robes the color of parchment and a wide rimmed, floppy wizard hat of a similar color, and both have ink colored stars across them that seem to have been drawn on. There is a black leather belt and a gold buckle on his hat, with a large white feather with a black tip stuck into the belt on the side.
    He has rather smooth skin, though his forehead has several lines, and his eyebrows are large, bushy, and white. They sit over a pair of small eyes that seem even smaller due to his high cheekbones and smiling lines. His nose is large and reddish, like that of an old dwarf, and his long, fluffy white beard trails all the way down to his upper thigh. He carries a long iron staff with gold wire running from the bottom to the top, where a golden dragon with wings wide open holds a battered brown spell book with an arcane looking black S on it open and in place. Peeking out from beneath his robes are a pair of black shoes with gold threading, the ends of which curl upward.
    The wizard holds out a hand and smiles.

    In either form, his voice is booming, commanding, and just a bit off, like one would expect a powerful wizard/dragon to sound.

    Personality: Hard to track. He's always got his mind busy with some magical ordeal or another, and if bothered, is likely to be grumpy at first. He loves going on adventures, though, and is likely to talk random people into going on great and heroic journeys.
    Is very insistent on using the proper terminology for magic users, and hates being referred to as anything other than a Wizard in that sense.
    At times he'll jump right into the fray if there is a fight going on, especially if his enemy is evil or misuses magic, but at other times he is content to sit back, watch, and only help when needed.
    Enjoys telling stories, and for some reason really hates cats. Loves dogs though, just adores them.

    Equipment: The Iron Staff: A powerful magic staff with a dragon on top that holds tightly on to any book place there. If the book is magic, the staff uses its power to wondrous effect.
    Hat and Quill: There's just something about that hat with the quill in it. If the quill and hat are separated, they lose power and try to pull themselves back together.
    Abilities: Powerful magic and the ability to turn into a dragon.
    Backstory: I haven't thought a good one up yet. I'm thinking of something involving a worldwide dragon community and a voyage into the outer planes.
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