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I would suggest modifying the wording of Prayer Mastery slightly so that rather than any spell learned from a non-cleric, it only penalizes spells that aren't on the cleric list or have been learned at a lower level than they appear on the cleric list. For example, an archivist who learned Cure Light Wounds from a druid is not gaining any benefit from having learned the spell from a noncleric source, so there's no real reason to penalize him for it.
I suppose. Fluffwise, learning it from a non-cleric source would be different though... I'll add that clausel in.

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For Master Archivist maybe make learning a non-cleric divine spell via level up count as two of your (now 3) spells learned via level up?

As for Power Familiarity I like it fine as is, although a feat that adds 1 extra unique power per day (of any level up to 1 less than the highest level power you have?) might be a nice feat as well.
Good idea on the first!

Huh, I'll get to it. That'd be almost a must have though, so I guess I'll make it " of up to one less than the highest level power you can manifest. "