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    My Extended Signature:

    My Various Avatars (with links to those who drew them):

    Super-Ultra-Cool Adult Eric Greenhilt avatar by Bradakhan

    Missingno Eric Greenhilt edit by myself.

    Eric-Zorro by Strawberries

    Super Sexy Female version by Bisected8

    Slinky Party Dress version by smuchmuch

    Eric Greenhilt in fancy new duds by smuchmuch

    All Lantern versions also by smuchmuch

    Eric Greenhilt with his toy piano by Captain Happy

    Eric/Lix fusion avatar by Unknown.

    Wind & Sound Elemental Eric Greenhilt avatar by Akrim.elf

    Merman Eric by Strawberries

    Vampire Eric Greenhilt by aravenugnitsuga.

    Big Bad Wolf Eric Greenhilt by Lord Fullbladder.

    Eric Greenhilt singing in the shower by Gnomish Wanderer!

    Eric Greenhilt chasing Lix while getting dressed by Gnomish Wanderer!

    Eric Greenhilt Pony by AlterForm

    Homebrew Gag items.
    Homebrew Toon Template

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    Why is everyone flumphing V? (s)he doesn't need it
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    I recommend a low Solt diet.
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    Yeah, Teddy Bears can be dangerous opponents.
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    Ah, Crisis21. You seem to have a lot of patience and do a good job enduring the slings and arrows of outrageous Pickmans.
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    Crisis21 just astounds me with the sheer awesomeness of their amazingness. In fact, Crisis21 has this exact ability:

    Bask in my glory (Ex): All within 50ft of Crisis21 are stunned, silenced, deafened, awed, charmed and otherwise incapacitated for 1d4 days.
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    Crisis' Administrative Error
    (Character Targeted)
    One character, next time they die, is instead taken to God Mode. They do gain enough health to reach this point, but it is not treated as a heal for the purpose of other god powers. (this takes precedent over powers that reverse even heals from god powers)
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    Crisis21 Has Two Cows:


    And it's Dark Wednesday again!
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    Crisis21's Two Cows
    (Up-Or-Down Vote)
    If at the end of the day, the Yes to Crisis21 votes exceed the No to Crisis21 votes, Crisis has two cows.
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    There are people who are so overly concerned with being nice that they forget to put any art into their writing. Crisis is not one of those people, but I think he still manages to be among the most agreeable people on this forum.
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    There once was a poster called Crisis,
    Who gave poetic hugs for low prices,
    His deeds were repaid,
    With a limerick made,
    And a *hug* by a Killer of Ices.
    I have won internets! And threads!
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    Well, I was going to kill the heck out of you, but I like your stuff for Mauvey so you can have this, instead:

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    Did Crisis21 win a tread he posted?
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    Dear Crisis21,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Internet Acquisition Association Committee. We have been informed that you won a thread by means of logic and reasoning, thus gaining the respect of your peers. Therefore we officially bestow upon you one (1) Internet, with cookie. Along with an honorary membership in the Association (you do not, however, get a reserved parking space OR free snacks coupons). In order to receive your internet please send a reply to this message with your address, and a verification of your identity. You are also free to provide a personal message, which will become publicly available for all to read on our website as soon as you've received your internet.
    This offer will remain valid until you have received your internet or are you are caught trolling.

    We wish you a nice day.

    Yours sincerely,


    My Pokemon type is:
    Which Mythical Creature Are You?
    You are :

    A do or die attitude doesn't apply here, you are the reincarnator, one who will rise form the ashes once the crap hits the fan.

    What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
    You can also view a breakdown of results

    Pure as the driven snow, you are waiting until the afterlife for your reward. Maybe you have had to repress some urges, screw down some feelings, squash some temptations and sometimes stop yourself from having fun. Don't worry. It's probably been worth it.

    Pa-Chow! You could definitely be a ninja!

    You have all the necessary skills and knowledge to be an awesome ninja, not to mention you understand what being a ninja is actually all about.
    Being a ninja is not just about fighting people and wearing black, but a way of life that has spanned generations. Ninjas have a history of being disciplined, logical, secretive, stealthy and very fit. If you try your best, you could be among them.
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    Bodyguard in Lix's Harem
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