Excuses for the double-posting: normally I would use the Edit button like the good poster I intend to be, but since this is an update...

There's a minor change which is somewhat related to the paradigm change of spontaneous spellcasters vis-a-vis prepared spellcasters (you know, that spontaneous spellcasters gain access to new spell levels every odd level and prepared spellcasters all even levels starting from level 4, except 1st level). Remember the odd caveat of only replacing specific spells every few levels, and only one spell per level AND also a spell two levels lower?

Skip that, alright? I pretend that, from now on, any retooled class which uses a spellcasting progression much like a Sorcerer or Favored Soul may exchange spells at least once per week, and decided to remove that silly spell level limit. You can still only exchange ONE spell per instance, so choose carefully: utility is the name of the game here, not versatility (that's what prepared casters are for), but you'll get it a bit more. This has also caused a bit of a change on the still-unreleased Project Heretica homebrew. In case you're interested in knowing a bit more: the bez-kismet is somewhat related.
I may now resume my regular posting manners :)