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I gotta say Oskar, I like the work, but I've always had a distaste for 4-level casting on melee characters. For those who share my opinion, I've done my own Hexblade re-write, which you can find in my siggy.

Incidentally, love the name.
Oh, yeah, I've seen it. But it's mostly a thing of tradition; "4-level" casting is quite definitely half casting, while "6-level" casting is essentially two-thirds casting, which definitely pushes the concept of "half melee, half spellcaster" a bit too far. There's good reasons why to take it up to 6 levels (as per Psychic Warrior), but most of the spells you really want are buffs or the unique spells that boost your character, so two of the three reasons you'd want higher level spells (higher save DCs for most spells and punching through globe of invulnerability) can be ignored, and with some punching through you can ignore the third one (swifter access to spells).

Though, and this is probably a bit harsh: I'm trying real hard to see why the post has some worth as a comment. I wouldn't have minded the linking in order to provide some ideas or debate, but I can't take out of my mind that your post isn't that much of a comment and more of a promotion. Perhaps it's the words you used (namely, the "those who share my opinion"); maybe a bit more meat on the comment would have salvaged it. You know, trying to defend my work and everything; don't feel bad, it's just that I feel a bit...I'd say threatened...with the comment. I just hope it's not intended to be interpreted as "I did it better"; hoping that's not the case.

And the name...well, trying to give a different spin on the name and the fluff, deliberately using broken grammar as a way to develop a unique name. Sorta like how "samurai" and "ninja" are used as archetypes to represent "warriors of a noble caste with near-spiritual adherence to weapon technique" and "rogue with foreign fluff".