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I wasn't trying to attack your work, my friend; my remake is different, but not necessarily better. Normally, my comment would have been worded with more finesse, but I'm sick and have been for two days (this coupled with very little sleep) so my normal command of English is somewhat on the wane.
Ugh. That teaches you that sickness and sleep isn't really healthy. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, really; sickness shouldn't be the case. Then again, sometimes I find myself a bit more lucid while sleepy, so YMMV.

It's just that it felt like that. I was far too careful to choose words so as to make it look like it was an observation, not a retaliation. But explaining the reasons why that seemed to be is fine; forgive and forget, mmkay?

One small nitpicky thing: technically, even though it is perfectly okay for us to use the rules for the "Mettle" ability, "Mettle" isn't actually OGL, so we shouldn't use the name. WotC might get...touchy.
Mostly the same as how Pathfinder uses the Hospitaler name, even though it's definitely not the same thing. The problem is that, like Evasion, Mettle is really a good name to explain the ability, or at least one that got real catchy. It's not like I'm using Gith or Illithids, and heck, the latter are abused by Square Enix and I don't see WotC and SE on a legal battle (and they are constantly being used, exactly as they are used on D&D, on both FF1 and FF Tactics, both using the Mind Blast ability). I'd say "touchy" is an understatement, but if they really get "touchy" for one small nitpicky thing, I think I should consider it a badge of honor or something.