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    Default Re: Cantrippin':Level 0 Never Looked So Great[3.5, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Thomar_of_Uointer View Post
    I thought I'd come back through these again and give more feedback.

    Bard? You're kidding, right? Bards don't get necromancy.
    They actually do, if you look at the spell list.
    I can't get behind this one. It's far too powerful to be a cantrip. Maybe a first level spell? It's also vastly superior to the Bone Walk spell, even with the 10 gp component.

    If you make it create something that statistically is much weaker than a regular skeleton, then it might be alright. Maybe make it only affect Tiny-size animals or something...

    Also, bards shouldn't get necromancy.
    It's for a creature with up to or less than 1 HD. This means a few animal zombies or a commoner zombie, nothing to freak out about.

    Wizards normally don't get animate object.
    I think a cantrip version of it should be allowable, at least.
    I'd make it 1d4 damage (or 1d3 damage for Small-sized targets, and 1d6 damage for Large-sized targets.) That's appropriate damage for a spiked gauntlet.
    Good idea. Changed.

    Area daze with no save? You're kidding, right? Daze is already a cantrip, and it's single-target. I'd make it Dazzled with a Will save to negate.

    Why did you specify "combat with non-humanoids?" Why not just say "50% chance of working on non-humanoids?"
    Modified it so that the daze effect is weakened. May eventually change it so that it just grants a -2 to Concentration checks.

    Instead of giving a +2 bonus to Disguise, I'd simply note that it negates the standard -2 penalty for diguising yourself as the opposite gender.

    I don't get it. What kind of action is it to blast?
    I'm not aware of any precedent for multischool spells.
    Assume it's a standard action. Also, multi-school spells do exist.

    A 70% + 1%/caster level what?
    The material component is vague, it should be a belonging or something (a strict interpretation would be that you need hair or blood or something.)
    Chance of working, sorry, that got taken out. And the material component does specify what you just mentioned.

    The school should be Conjuration (Teleportation).

    Why not change it so that you can use the Aid Another action at that range instead? It's more simple.
    It's meant to be able to help and hinder people.

    Is there any reason why it's so easy to detect? Does it glow, or flicker?
    That's really a matter of what kind of flavor you want to add. It can be both, if you want.
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