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    Harnel - Half Dragon Warrior with a membership in WATCHTOWER. (B)

    Eric - Complete Mundane who just stumbled into the Nexus one day. A budding psion (D-)

    Amlin - Necromancer extraordinaire (Between C+ ad B-)

    Torg - Troll Paladin (C+)

    Kelral Hrys'Tarimar Xar'Cha - Draegloth Military commander for the drow in Inside


    Harnel Caleb Therishein

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Half-Red Dragon Human
    Age: 26
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Harnel is a soldier and adventurer, a warrior by trade and has been training since he was about twelve years old
    Power Rating: B
    Description:See the Image below. His scales are red, and his hair is black

    Personality: Harnel is distrustful of things he doesn't understand, and tends to tense up an unfortunate amount, which can sometimes cause him to be a bit surly. Once he warms up to something, or has his mind taken off it (such as with food) he becomes quite a bit more personable and easier to deal with. He also never goes anywhere without his sword, though his armor he could do without if need be. Always within reach. Yes, even then.

    Around those he trusts, Harnel is much friendlier. He'll drink with them, share stories about his life, and even hit on women, but it takes quite a bit to reach this point properly with him. He is also a very driven individual. once he has set his mind on a course of action, he will see it through until it becomes apparent that he can no longer continue or he has accomplished what he has set out to do, but he will not shrink away from aid in these endeavors.

    He has a deep seated fear that he will never be loved. this is mainly because in the world he's from Half-dragons are things to be reviled and feared, sometimes even killed outright. It's the reason for much of psychology.
    Equipment: He has his armor, his sword, and a pouch full of silver and gold coins, and a locket with a portrait of his mother in it. Not much else, except for the clothes he wears under his armor, which just consists of a cotton shirt and leather pants. His sword is worth of note as a piece of magical equipment, magically sharpened and capable of bursting into flame at a command

    EDIT: He lost his sword and armor, but was given a Thunder Hammer to make up the difference

    He now wears a blue tee-shirt, a heavy black leather jacket, and brown fatigue pants. On his waist is an attachment to his belt - a harness that can support his thunder hammer, which is sitting sideways across his back so that it's only a small distance away from his hands if he needs to grab it. He also recently bought a Particle Magnum, an invincibility shield, and an Ori staff. He's quite well equipped now, except for armor.

    EDIT 2: which he now has! Iggy made an outfit of remarkable armor for him that even covers his feet and tail, covering his entire body with interlocking plates made of a blueish silver metal the maker of the armor calls "Iggium". Because of the properties of the armor and how it was made, it has similar properties to Adamantine while still being much shinier

    Abilities: For the most part, he just has excellent sword skills. However, his draconic heritage lends him very prodigious strength, a hearty constitution, and a level of intelligence that, while nothing amazing, is well above average. He is also comfortable even in the hottest environments, due to his immunity to fire, and even if dunked in lava will come out unscathed. Lava, by the way, makes an excellent way to bathe, as it sears off all the excess grime. then you just need to wash off the bits of solidifying igneous rock.
    Backstory: Too long to type out. Suffice it to say, he's a DnD character that had a long and eventful campaign behind him

    Half-Dragons: How do they work?
    my mind is somewhat analytical - I break down how things work in order to get a better understanding of them. I also happen to like Half-dragons, so it helps me understand how they work. This is what I have at this point. For the sake of simplicity, we'll be using a humanoid as the base.

    Appearance and Physical Traits:
    Half-Dragons are surprisingly similar to their non-dragon parent. it's comparable to simply have a normal being and just adding dragon parts if you want the proper effect.

    In any case, the half-dragon will almost certainly be covered in scales, have sharp claws and teeth, and slitted eyes, but the rest is unique to that particular one. An individual might have have a human-like head, while a sibling could have a head more akin to that of a dragons. The most likely body parts to be different from the base are extremities such as hands and feet, the head, a tail, and wings, though other changes may be present.

    There are also less visible differences inherent to half-dragons. The first is vocal range; if they inherited vocal chords from their draconic parent rather than their non-draconic one, they will have a very wide range of tones, and will be capable of mimicking most voices they wish except for extremely low or extremely high pitch. Another is the Eyelids; True dragons have several sets of eyelids, usually three, each one thicker than the last. Half-Dragons only have two sets - one semi-clear one that cuts off the glow of the eyes from within and protects the eye while in the air or underwater, while the second is much like a human eyelid. when both are peeled back, too much light will hurt a half-dragon's eyes, but it allows them to see a great distance in the dark, even in pitch black conditions.

    Another difference is the Draconis Fundamentum, which is likely the single most important organ in a dragon's body. attached to the lungs and heart, it also affects the stomach. It's an elemental furnace, based on the dragon's element; it can secrete elemental energy into the lungs for the dragon to breathe out. By adjusting the stomach, the roiling elemental energy breaks down almost any sort of matter the dragon wishes to feed on, allowing the dragon to subsist and nearly anything, organic or not. A dragon could literally eat dirt and survive as healthy as they might be if they were eating sheep. the Draconis Fundamanetum extracts the energy gotten in this way from the stomach and moves it to the heart, where it can be spread to the rest of the body - the remins of whatever was eaten are what the dragon urinate and defecate. Despite this, a dragon can run on what they eat normally if for some reason the Draconis Fundamentum is impaired - they will be forced to eat reasonable food rather than things like rock, and they'll be unable to breathe their elemental energy, and won't be capable of flight.

    This organ also allows fire and electricity dragons to internalize energy from their environment - a fire dragon resting in a volcano will be capable of internalizing the heat coming from the magma in their home. This can make dragons seem hyper if they internalize too much energy, but it also means the dragon won't have to eat as much.

    the final difference is that many Half-dragons have a genital sheathe. Nothing more on the matter will be said.

    Also, remember that Half-dragons are Half another race as well. If that race can develop mammary glands, so can the half-dragon, even if they can't be used because of inappropriate other parts

    Skills and Abilities:
    Half-dragons are a great deal stronger than their non-dragon counterparts, and at peak condition can lift more than a ton without too much strain. Because of their link to dragons, which are arcane beings, many also have magic as a sorcerer, getting such magic directly from the source. this isn't always the case, but it's certainly very common.

    Birth, Life, and Death:
    A Half-dragon's birth depends on the mother - if the mother is a creature that gives birth live children, the half-dragon will be born as such as well. if the mother is the dragon, then the Half-dragon will hatch from an egg.

    Half-dragons age at the same rate that humans do until they reach somewhere around the age of twenty, though some may fluctuate more than others for exactly when their aging process slows down. after that point, they age at a rate of 1:5, meaning many human half-dragons will live to see their fourth century if nothing kills them before then.

    Half-dragons share the genome of their dragon parent, which is the reason thy look so much like their non-dragon parent. what changes them to be like a dragon is the essence that gets transferred from the draconic parent. It adjusts the baby in the womb when it would otherwise be a normal creature of the non-dragon race. If this is understood, it can be a simple matter for a dragon to keep that essence from affecting an unborn child, using magic, though most either don't understand that or don't bother.

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