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I just can't see these fellows being good as written. They're just too cold-blooded and merciless. Lawful Neutral I could go for, but... they have the 'end justifies the means' mentality that is pretty derned near evil.
I'd have to agree. Nothing I've read in the fluff or crunch points to these guys being Good. In fact, what I have seen points to them being much closer to Evil, maybe Neutral. For example:
Combat: The Knights of Snow tend to slaughter mindlessly, with ruthless cruelty. They usually end opponent’s lives with their swords, or with frost, but they enjoy a medley of ways to kill. Most combats with Knights of Snow usually have the Knight start out smite-happy, smiting evil targets first, usually, but really just smiting any who seem weak and pathetic. They have absolutely no pity for anything that lives, and will proclaim as such to any willing to listen.
This is not Good (according to the alignments as written in the DMG). It is, at best, Neutral, but most likely Evil.

An interesting class, though.